• About the product : BETON KONTAKT-A 51 a modified polymerized resin primer that increases the resistance and durability of cement and especially gypsum plaster on smooth concrete surfaces, walls and ceilings.

    Application areas :

    • In indoor areas.
    • For horizontal and vertical applications.
    • On concrete surfaces, glass surfaces, plastered surfaces, plaster, lime and cement surfaces.

    Advantages :

    • Increases adhesion resistance to cement, gypsum plasters and concrete surfaces.
    • Prevents rapid absorption of water by the treated surface.
    • Prevents the appearance of cracks and bubbles in the application area.
    • Increases adhesion resistance and creates two-way bonding.
    • Easy to prepare and apply.

Beton Kontakt A 51

 Application Information

Physical appearance*



In plastic bucket of 5 and 10 kg

Shelf life*

12 months from date of manufacture in unopened packaging and in a dry place


 4-6 kg/m² depending on the surface to be applied

* These values have been obtained under laboratory conditions (temperature 23°C ± 2, relative humidity 50%) and may vary depending on site application.